Follow these steps to get up and running quickly.

Sign up for an account

Create an account with PostageApp. The free tier is fine for getting started as you can upgrade at any time to one of the paid plan as your needs grow or change.

Define your projects

Every account comes with a default project that’s a good place to start.

If you have more than one application or site that sends email you may want to split up your sending across multiple projects. Each of these gets their own statistics kept on sending, delivery, open and click activity, making it easier to identify and rectify delivery problems.

Team members can be invited to an account and can be given access to particular projects, or as administrators with much broader access.

Log into your PostageApp account and create a project. Each project has its own API key, which can be found by clicking through to your project dashboard.

Add a plugin to your app

Send email from your app using one of our many platform-specific plugins. These are usually straight-forward to integrate and are just simple wrappers around the JSON API.

Set up senders

In order for your email to appear legitimate it’s important to confirm ownership of any email addresses you use to send mail and take the time to properly configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC records for those domains.

Guidance on how to do this is shown in the “Senders” tab of your account.

Start Sending

At this point you’re ready to send email!