Returns a list of all recipients in a suppressed state. This includes email addressses which are not receiving email because they are having temporary problems, such as mailbox full, mail server not responding, as well as those that are more permanent in nature, such as account deleted, or spam reports from the recipient.

Request Fields

This method has no method-specific fields.

Request Example

   "api_key" : "PROJECT_API_KEY"

Response 200 OK

  "response": {
    "status": "ok",
    "uid": null
  "data": {
    "": {
      "status" : "rejected",
      "suppression_state" : "hard_bounce",
      "blocked_until" : "2014-02-09T17:32:31Z",
      "message" : "No Such User Here"
    "" : {
      "status" : "warning",
      "suppression_state" : "soft_bounce",
      "blocked_until" : "2014-04-07T17:32:31Z",
      "message" : "Requested action not taken: mailbox temporarily unavailable"